Property Management

Our comprehensive service covers tenant marketing, rent collection, property maintenance, assistance for accounting for tax and financial reporting. We offer a complete solution that manages the property for you from end-to-end. We have extensive expertise helping investors navigate the changing short-term market, as well as those handing over a single unit for a long-term lease. Our clients include institutional investors and private home owners from both India and overseas.

How it works

Property Management Inc. manages each stage of your property rental, bringing to it the professional level assistance that you need to navigate the changing legal environment and consistently attract tenants. 

Short-term Property Management

Our Short-term Property Management program allows you to earn more from your property by renting it out on the higher yielding, short-term `flexible` tenant market. Renting out your property in this way means that monthly rents can be increased to account for the greater convenience you are now offering tenants. An additional benefit for owners is that should you wish to make use of the property yourself, this can be arranged at reasonable short-notice as there are no long-term tenants who are in place.

Tenant Satisfaction

An important part of growing your business and having your apartment stand out in the market place is tenant satisfaction. User-reviews, feedback and word-of-mouth all help increase the likelihood of new tenants choosing you above your neighbors. We work hard to deliver high-tenant satisfaction, and we have been honored to receive some great testimonials.

Fee Structure

Property Management Inc. works on a rental revenue sharing model. This removes any monthly burden from your side, and incentivizes us to ensure that your occupancy rate and income remains high. For more details on the Fee Structure, get in touch with a Property Management Inc. representative.

Property Management Process

The complete process that a homeowner goes through when renting out a property in Goa - This applies to both domestic and foreign residents, in both, a single apartment, commercial space or a villa.

1. Consultation

The starting point is a discussion about your property. Find out what is happening in the local market, how best to position your property and if you can earn the type of returns you expect through either long-term or short-term rental.

2. Market Appraisal

Determining the appropriate rental level for your property. Property Management Inc. has found homes for tenants, both within Goa and overseas. In consultation with our leasing team, your property manager will conduct a comprehensive market appraisal and propose the optimal rental value for your property. Additionally, your property may benefit from renovations or improvements to maximize its rental potential. Your property manager will make recommendations and organize quotations. Should you decide to proceed, we will engage and supervise contractors for the improvements.

3. Property Marketing

Marketing your property through multiple channels. In addition to our own top-ranked website, Property Management Inc. markets your property in a variety of ways including to our existing database of residents in Goa and on the biggest real estate websites in India. We also ensure your property is presented in the best possible way through photography, graphic floor plans and local area information.

4. Property Viewings

Your property manager will coordinate the property viewings/prospective tenant visits, ensuring that your property is presented in the best possible way to prospective tenants. Vacant properties require attention and we make sure to ventilate the property, run the taps and flush the toilets each viewing to keep the property in good condition.

5. Negotiation and Applicant Screening

Your property manager works to achieve the best possible outcome for you & negotiate the best deal possible. We know that it is important to achieve a high rental return while taking the least amount of tenant related risk as possible. To reduce owners risk we;

6. Contract Execution

Prepare and execute the tenancy agreement. Property Management Inc. will prepare the tenancy agreement contract based on the agreed terms. As a real-estate professional, we conduct the legally mandated duties including the explanation of important terms.

7. Tenant Support

As your Property Manager, we:

We understand that there is a significant benefit to a long-term relationship and we work to maintain an ongoing relationship with our tenants to make sure that they are happy and that every expectation they have of the property is fully met within the stature of the tenancy agreement.

8. Owner Representation

As your Property Manager we take responsibility to react to any issues which may arise related to your property. Our primary objective is to represent the owners' interest in all matters related to the property. This may include things like collection for late or unpaid rent, invoicing of parties for repair fees and public utility fees which should be borne by the tenant, safe keeping and management of the property’s spare keys & the retaining and supervision of contractors to make repairs and do maintenance when required.

9. Owner Reporting

Provide assistance for accounting for tax and financial reporting to the owner. To maximise the cash flow and ensure owners have up-to-date performance reports, we have a team dedicated to completing and sharing Property Management account statements from time to time. We will also provide additional information if something is affecting the market or the value of your property on the Goa rental market.

10. Tenant Exit

Handle the departure of tenants and restore the property to its original condition. When a tenant vacates a property, your property manager will;

The property is ready for another tenant and so the property management cycle starts again.

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